President's Welcome
                                Riverside Military Academy has been transforming young men’s lives on the same 206 acres in Gainesville, Georgia, since 1907. This historical context speaks to me as the President because I believe that the sheer longevity of this single mission remains a strong indicator of continued future success.
Why is Riverside still changing lives after all these years?

Because, most importantly, Riverside Military has not wavered from an all-male military model of education since its founding. Its facilities cannot be matched by its peers, and the faculty and staff have an impressive level of passion for the mission of educating and developing young leaders. Additionally, a sizeable endowment and the steady, visionary leadership of the RMA Board of Trustees keep this Academy steady.

Record numbers of inquiries tell me there is still a need for a school like RMA. More than ever, young men need to be challenged and inspired, not distracted by social media or video games. They need to be required to make their beds, climb mountains, do their homework, and learn to lead rather than be part of a crowd. Young men often secretly crave this rigor and accountability.

Here are the words of a Riverside Military graduate, class of 2019:
“Before RMA, I was a student at a large public high school. As you could imagine, a 16-year-old young man in a classroom with a cell phone, over 30 other kids, and an overwhelmed teacher, I struggled with focus and motivation. In fact, I became so overwhelmed that I began to shut down, choosing the easy way out by not doing my assignments and falling behind in school. I would escape from the world around me by immersing myself in video games, refusing to participate in sports and activities. But in my heart, I wanted to be a better me. I just needed the right push and the right motivation to get me there.

“I feel so much more advanced than my friends who did not attend Riverside Military Academy. I am very grateful for the opportunities I was presented at this great school and I would not be where I am at today without RMA and the Riverside Family.”

Riverside Military Academy is not a perfect school, and it’s not a fit for every young man, but it might be the right place for your son. You won’t know whether RMA meets your son’s needs until you call or visit, but I know one thing; after more than a century, we’re still in the business of making young men, “a better me.”  

Stanley C. “Staś” Preczewski
COL(R), USA, Ph.D.

2001 Riverside Dr,
Gainesville, GA 30501

Tel:  770.538.2193

2001 Riverside Dr,
Gainesville, GA 30501

Tel: 770.538.2193